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Safety Tips - Gear Check!

Quad Skates – roller skates with four wheels
Knee pads
Elbow Pads
Wrist guards
Helmet – This is the most important piece! In the A2RD skaters don’t even stand up on wheels without their helmets on. Make sure it’s fastened snug under your chin.
Mouthguard – Worn during the games and during contact drills in practice.

Practice Activity - "The Almond"

Once all your safety gear is on and you’re ready to skate, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly start rolling your feet forward and backward in the same space. Your feet will make a round, pointy shape, which is why this is called “The Almond!” It’s a good way to move and keep your balance while getting used to being on skates.


Use supplies in your kit and follow along to make your own friendship bracelets. Or click the button below for more patterns.


Astrid and Nicole have been best friends since kindergarten, but not necessarily because they like the same things. Now that they’re going into seventh grade their interests are growing further apart. After Astrid’s mother takes them to a roller derby bout, Astrid is eager to sign up for roller derby camp, but Nicole isn’t. She wants to take ballet. This split in interests causes hurt feelings as each forms new friendships. 

How do you think Nicole felt when she was torn between her friendships with Astrid and Rachel? Should she have gone along with Astrid or done what she wanted even if it cost Nicole her friendship with Astrid? 

Co-sponsored by the Ann Arbor Roller Derby (A2RD)

Ann Arbor Roller Derby is a member-run league of dedicated individuals committed to excellence in sportsmanship, fostering the sport of roller derby, facilitating goodwill and fellowship, and inspiring personal growth and development of all roller derby skaters in southeast Michigan formed in 2010.