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“Music… can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.”
– Leonard Bernstein

Art & Music feature

Recently Best Buy announced that it would no longer sell CDs. This is hardly a new scenario–anyone of a certain age has seen the rise and fall of such formats as vinyl, newspaper, cassette tapes, and magazines.

If you love your well-honed CD collection and play them in your car or at home, don’t despair: our library has you covered. From older formats to emerging technologies, YDL delivers the sounds you love in the format you’re most comfortable with.

Our CD collection totals nearly 10,000 items and is newly reorganized into accessible genre headings such as R&B/Soul, Bluegrass, New Age, and Musicals. Visit us or use the online catalog to see the depth of our offerings, or learn how to stream free music right to your smartphone using Hoopla. Our goal is to support your existing needs while also leading the way in an increasingly digital world, no matter what the service.