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If you haven’t visited Beezy’s Library Café at YDL-Whittaker lately, it’s time to stop in! Sandwiches are now made to order, so you can get the fresh flavors you expect from Beezy’s and add extras like tomatoes, avocado, and bacon to customize your sandwich. The menu still includes salads, fruit, baked goods, kids’ snacks, and two house-made soups made fresh daily. Beverage selections have expanded to fresh brewed iced tea, cold brew coffee, lemonade and limeade, as well as chocolate and whole milk from Calder Dairy. Sandwiches lined up at Beezy's Cafe downtown

By popular request, Breakfast Burritos have also been added to the menu. These hearty wraps are served hot and feature eggs, cheese, and your choice of chorizo or avocado. With a new menu and different hours, the library cafe brings the best of the downtown café to you in a convenient location.


New Beezy’s Hours:

Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm
Friday & Saturday 10am-5:30pm