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A message to our valued patrons:


This morning, YDL staff confirmed evidence of bed bugs at our Michigan Avenue location.  We immediately followed our institutional procedures and contacted our pest control company to bring bug-sniffing dogs on site for further investigation.  Trained dogs are 97% accurate in finding live infestations, compared to only 30% of humans with visual detection. In the interest of the public, YDL elected to temporarily close the Michigan Avenue location until additional information could be learned from the dogs.  The library branch is scheduled to be inspected and treated on Friday, October 18.  We plan to reopen on Saturday, October 19.


Trained staff are committed to executing our procedures and enforcing our policies to protect our patrons, materials, and facilities.  For that reason, anyone with a bed bug issue at their residence is prohibited from entering any YDL location.  Once a patron is able to provide the library with written proof that their residence has been treated, re-inspected, and that the bug infestation has been eradicated, library privileges will be restored.  The documentation must come from a licensed pest control company or the patron’s landlord.  It must list the address of the residence treated and provide contact information for additional follow-up if needed.


In the meantime, anyone who has concerns about bed bugs should visit the Washtenaw County Health Department web site for further information here or by calling them at 734-544-6700.  It is important to remember that bed bugs do NOT transmit disease to humans.


Thank you for your understanding during this unfortunate occurrence.  YDL is committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment and will reopen as soon as we can.