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To welcome patrons back to the library safely, YDL wants to install air purification systems at Whittaker Road and Michigan Avenue. 

Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization Systems (NPBI) work to safely clean indoor air and surfaces by releasing high concentrations of ions into the air stream through ventilation systems. This process deactivates harmful substances like airborne mold, bacteria, allergens, and viruses.  Most importantly to our current situation, NPBI’s is very effective at dealing with the virus that causes Covid-19. For more information, please watch the fascinating 3-minute video on the technology on this page.

Installation of NPBI at YDL-Whittaker and Michigan Avenue will add an additional layer of confidence that we can all return to the libraries we love and stay safe.  We can do this at both buildings for $70,000.  With your help, we can be a big step closer to reopening our libraries. Your support helps everyone in the Ypsilanti area learn, grow, and thrive. Thank you for giving generously to this effort!

More information about NPBI

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