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Members of Ypsilanti’s Palm Leaf Club, the oldest African American women’s social and charitable organization in Ypsilanti, join the podcast this month.

Formed in 1904 as the Trustee Helpers of Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the group changed its name to the Palm Leaf Club in the 1930s when it officially separated from the church and became its own civic and social African American women’s organization. It is the oldest organization of its kind in Ypsilanti and is affiliated with the Ypsilanti Association of Women’s Clubs, Michigan State Association of Colored Women’s Clubs, and the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs. Legend has it that the name comes from the Palm Sunday Scholarship Teas that have been going on during the entire life of the Palm Leaf Club. Dr. Dyann Logwood, who spoke in the February 2021 episode, is a recipient of the Palm Leaf Club Scholarship.

In this episode, you’ll hear from (in order of appearance) Parliamentarian Valerie Eaglin, Treasurer Paulette Dozier, Secretary Linda Horne, and Vice President Linda Francois. Archived interviews with former members Louise Bass and Viola Carter are also available in our A.P. Marshall African American Oral History Archive.

More about our podcast speakers

Valerie Eaglin (Parliamentarian) is the first voice you’ll hear, answering the first question. Email Valerie.

Paulette Dozier (Treasurer) is the voice you’ll hear answering the second question. Email Paulette.

Linda Horne (Secretary) of the Palm Leaf Club is the second voice you’ll hear answering the third question. Email Linda.

Linda Francois (Vice President) is the voice you’ll hear answering the seventh question. Email Linda.

Group photo of the Palm Leaf Club c. 1956

Palm Leaf Club c. 1954. From Ypsilanti Historical Society.

A distance photograph looking east at the Depot Town Festival during the summer of 1986.

Palm Leaf Club c. 1956. From Ypsilanti Historical Society.