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As you can see from these wonderful aerial photographs, the new library site is taking shape!  Diversified Excavating prepared the base for the building’s foundation with crushed stone.  Superior Township issued our building permit, so Diversified expects to begin pouring concrete next week. 

Harris Road will be widened in conjunction with the new library construction.  The Library, Superior Township, and our respective engineering teams are partnering to make sure the process goes smoothly and efficiently, with the least disruption possible to neighborhood traffic.

Act fast!  The Young Family Next Chapter Challenge runs through July 31. Visit before the challenge ends, and your donation to the new library project will be tripled!

If you have questions or feedback about the new library, please contact Library Director Lisa Hoenig at 734-879-1300 or


This activity is supported in part by a gift from the Young Family Foundation, Sponsor of the Young Family Next Chapter Challenge.