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Sometimes giving the perfect gift is just as nice as receiving one and the best presents often come from the heart. Your words and imagination are a gift you can always give!

Scroll down to find creative ways you can turn your writing into a gift, generated by our friends at YpsiWrites and 826michigan. Stop by YDL-Whittaker or YDL-Michigan Saturday, December 11, 1-3pm to use library supplies to make your gifts!

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826michigan Writing as a Gift Guide


Is there a person or a place that you’re missing right now? A postcard is the perfect way to say “I wish you were here!” or even “I wish I was there!”

Use the rectangular card stock in your kit. On the front, draw a picture of a place that you would like to visit. On the back, write a message to your loved one. “You remind me of…” Don’t forget to sign it! Now deliver the postcard by hand or in the mail.


Grab a piece of paper and cut or tear it into pieces the size of your finger. Let your brain wander! Write the words you’re thinking of and draw pictures, too. You can write words that are closely related, or words that are abstract. Use colorful paper or your colored pencils if you want. Make enough to fill a jar!

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Write an acrostic poem, the put it inside a homemade popper. Pull the balloon and release for a fun way to deliver your gift!

See the downloadable guide for full instructions.


Do you ever feel like you can’t find the right word to express what you mean? Try borrowing somebody else’s words! Make a collage by cutting words and pictures out of a magazine or newspaper, and pasting them together to make something new.

You can rearrange the words (and even break them apart into smaller words) to create a poem or a message for a loved one. Pick any words that stand out to you. Or, if you’re thinking about someone you love, you can pick words that remind you of that person. Arrange and rearrange until you get it just how you want, then use your glue stick to attach them to your paper!


Watch Liz make a pop up card. Use the supplies in your kit to make your own. Add a poem or collage to the inside as a special message!



Pass it On by Sophy Henn

The Trees of the Dancing Goats by Patricia Polacco

The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell

The Three Rules of Everyday Magic by Amanda Rawson Hill