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YDL’s Senior Advisory Board has been supporting and inspiring Ypsilanti’s older population since 2015, and they’re looking for new members to join the mission. 

The Senior Advisory Board (SAB) meets once a month to discuss program ideas and community resources available to older adults. Over the years the group has also volunteered at many big YDL events, including YDL’s 150th Anniversary Celebration in 2019 where they helped with crafts and served hundreds of cups of hot cocoa. The group also hosted a 2019 Banned Books Week Read Aloud where they read excerpts from widely challenged and banned books.  

The group has a fulfilling mission to engage with area seniors, and the current group has close ties with the community. Together, the SAB members have resided in Ypsilanti for over 145 years, and have been YDL patrons for just as long. 

A 2014 Giving Campaign focusing on senior services led to the SAB’s creation, as well as the creation of YDL’s Learning Never Gets Old (LNGO) initiative. SAB’s first meeting took place in 2015 at YDL-Michigan, under the guidance of Adult Services Librarian Sheila Konen. Now meeting at YDL-Whittaker under the direction of Outreach Paraprofessional Monique Lopez-Geiman, the focus of the group remains the same: to help YDL best serve Ypsilanti’s older population.  

Unique perspectives from each member of the group help generate creative ways to serve the community, and make serving on the board meaningful and engaging.

“Our monthly meetings are very intellectually stimulating, that’s important,” said Linda D., a member who has been with the group since its inception. “We’d love to have more people to share this stimulation with.”  

Member Judy P. recalls special times spent with her daughter, helping her navigate the catalog and databases to search for information for a school project. Member Ellie B. adds that she really enjoys helping to plan programs for seniors. 

The Senior Advisory Board’s membership has changed over the years, but the group’s dedication to YDL and the Ypsilanti Community is unwavering. From the very first meeting SAB has been an integral part of YDL’s and LNGO’s success, and have become a YDL staple.  

“We are a fun group of people who manage to do a lot of good while enjoying the meetings and each other’s company,” member Peggy L. shared.

If you would like more information about SAB, or are interested in attending a meeting you can contact Monique Geiman at 482-4110 ext. 1362. For more details on our services for seniors and caregivers, visit our Seniors & Caregivers page