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How often do you vote? Data from Fairvote, a nonpartisan election organization, reveals that since 1840, presidential elections have gathered greater turnout than midterms. In 2018, 50% of the voting eligible population voted; in 2020, 66.7% did.

Voting preserves democracy and ensures your representation in government. In fact, 4 of YDL’s Board Members – Patricia J. Horne McGee, Bethany Kennedy, Brian Steimel, and Kristy Cooper– are up for reelection this year, so be sure to vote.

Below, you’ll find information about voting requirements, absentee voting, polling information, and YDL resources for voting. 

Voting Information

Courtesy of, a nonpartisan election website created by the League of Women Voters, here’s what you should know before you head to the polls on November 8: 

Voting Requirements: 

To vote in the State of Michigan, you must be:

  • a U.S. Citizen
  • a Michigan resident
  • 18 years old or older
  • not currently serving a jail or prison sentence (Previously incarcerated persons are eligible to vote once their sentence is over. If you are awaiting arraignment or trial, charged with a felony but haven’t been convicted, newly released from jail or prison, on parole or probation, or currently appealing a conviction, you are eligible to vote. Information courtesy of FindLaw.)
ID Requirements:

To vote, you must have a valid photo ID or sign an affidavit stating that you do not currently possess a photo ID in order to vote. Examples of valid IDs include: 

  • a Michigan driver’s license or personal ID or one issued by another state
  • a federal- or state-issued photo ID
  • a U.S. passport
  • a military identification card with a photo
  • a student ID from high school or an institute of higher education
  • a tribal ID with a photo

Vote 411 allows you to find out who and what will be on your ballot by entering your zip code.

Absentee Ballot Access:

In Michigan, you can vote absentee for any reason. Absentee ballots must be requested at least 4 days before election day. Ballots have to be received by election day.

Vote 411 has polling place and dropbox locators. Polling locations are open 7 am to 8 pm on election day. Anyone in line by 8 pm can legally vote, even if you haven’t begun casting their ballot. 

What’s on the ballot this year?

Although there’s no Presidential election this year, the 2022 election is an important one for Michigan. Many of the highest positions in state government are up for grabs. See which offices will be decided on November 8:

  • U.S. Congressional District MI-6
  • Governor and Lieutenant Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Secretary of State
  • State Board of Education (2 seats)
  • University of Michigan Board of Regents (2 seats)
  • Michigan State University Board of Trustees (2 seats)
  • Wayne State University Board of Trustees (2 seats)
  • Michigan House of Representative Seat- District 54
  • Michigan Senate Seat- District 15
  • Michigan Supreme Court Justice (2 seats)
  • Michigan 3rd District Court of Appeals (2 seats)
  • Michigan 22nd District Circuit Court (1 seat)
  • Michigan Trial Court District 14A (1 seat) — For residents of Ypsilanti City and Superior Township, not Ypsilanti Township
  • Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners (1 seat)
  • Mayor of Ypsilanti- for residents of Ypsilanti City only
  • City of Ypsilanti Ward 1 City Council Member ( 1 full-term, 1 partial term)- City of Ypsilanti Residents only
  • City of Ypsilanti Ward 2 City Council Member (1 seat)- City of Ypsilanti Residents only
  • City of Ypsilanti Ward 3 City Council Member (1 seat)- City of Ypsilanti Residents only
  • Washtenaw Community College Board of Trustees (3 seats)
  • Ypsilanti District Library Board of Trustees (4 seats)
  • Lincoln Consolidated Schools Board Member (2 full terms, 1 partial)- LCS residents only
  • Ypsilanti Community Schools Board Member (2 full terms, 1 partial)- YCS residents only

Additionally, for residents of the Ypsilanti Community Schools District, the YCS Operating Millage is on the ballot.

YDL is a voting resource

Did you know that YDL-Whittaker’s Community Room is a polling place for residents of precinct 20 in Ypsilanti Township? YDL is happy to help with all kinds of voting matters, such as how to register, where to find your polling place, and more. We’ll also have voter guides at all locations later this fall.

Visit us on September 20 for National Voter Registration Day and register to vote through the non-partisan League of Women Voters. We’ll also be partnering with the League of Women Voters in the future for more candidate forums, so you can ask candidates the questions that matter most to you. 

More Voting Information

You can find local, state, and federal voting information below: 

Additionally, you can visit, the League of Women Voter’s nonpartisan election website, to find information about Michigan voting.