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Join Detroit Public TV and PBS Books Wednesday, March 22, at 8 p.m. ET, for a fascinating look at new techniques for unravelling the mysteries of African American genealogy, including a conversation with YDL’s very own Jean Winborn!

Now in its ninth season, “Finding Your Roots” stands as one of PBS and America’s most enduring and popular programs, enjoyed by people from all backgrounds. The show celebrates each other’s stories, because every family’s history has much to tell us about the history of our country.

Wednesday, March 22, Detroit Public TV and PBS Books present a special digital event, inspired by the work of “Finding Your Roots” host and creator, Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who has made genealogy a national pastime.

The show will feature a dynamic discussion of the issues and opportunities that African Americans face as they trace their histories. There is never a straight path in genealogy, always twists and turns. It will also consider the unique challenges of these families, as they hunt through the wreckage of slavery for records that are lost or incomplete, searching for ancestors whose names and locations often have been changed or falsified.

There are new tools, historical and scientific, to unlock family histories. Hear from a panel of avid and talented genealogists, Winborn included, who have mastered tricks and tips that will help others exploring their family’s origins. At the same time, they relate the surprising facts and inspiring stories they discovered about their own histories. The conversation with Winborn will be streamed from the Superior Library meeting room!

You’ll also learn something about Dr. Gates himself! It will be an evening of tears and triumph, DNA and dogged research perseverance, so join the fun, and let the genealogy out of the bottle.

Tune in Wednesday, March 22, at 8pm ET, at, or Facebook Live.

Partners include the Washtenaw County African American Genealogy Society, Ypsilanti District Library, Fred Hart Williams Genealogical Society from Detroit, Lansing Area African American Genealogical Society and the Afro American Historical and Genealogical Society from Washington, D.C.


Program details

Wednesday, March 22


Where to watch:, or Facebook Live