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Piano Policy
Approved: 09/22/2016


The Ypsilanti District Library acquired a Kohler & Campbell baby grand piano in 2003 to accompany concert performances held at the Whittaker Road library. The piano is available for public use in conjunction with programs, recitals and special events for a fee of $25. The piano is tuned and receives regular maintenance from a licensed professional three times each year; usage fees help cover the cost of these services.

  1. The piano must be reserved, in advance, through the meeting room booking system or Library Administration.
  2. A $25 piano usage fee will be charged in addition to meeting room fees.
  3. The piano is a delicate instrument and not a part of the lending collection. It is not available for practice by the general public.
  4. It is not available for use by teachers to conduct lessons, however it may be used for program recitals or recital practice, in accordance with the library’s Facilities Use Policy.
  5. One hour of practice prior to a recital or other performance may be arranged at no charge at a time approved by the Library.
  6. The piano must remain covered at all times that it is not in use.
  7. The piano may only be moved by Library Facilities personnel. It should be closed and covered when it is moved.
  8. Nothing may be placed on or in the piano, even when it is covered, including handouts, etc., for meetings.
  9. No food or beverages are allowed on or near the piano or its bench.
  10. Although the piano is booked for individual use, a user may be assisted by another person. No more than two people may be at the piano at a time.
  11. Patrons will treat the piano with care. The piano is the responsibility of the patron making the reservation; that patron is fiscally responsible for all costs associated with damages to the piano due to neglect or abuse.
  12. Any group or individual damaging the piano in any way is liable for the cost of repairs.
  13. Library staff reserve the right to restrict use.
  14. Use of the piano is a privilege, not a right – please respect our property.
  15. All rules of the Ypsilanti District Library Facilities Use Policy apply.
  16. The Library Director has the final authority in determining appropriate use and scheduling of the piano.