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Permanent displays at YDL-Michigan bring light, life, and color into the library and showcase the work of a variety of artists–local and global, professional and amateur.

Ezra Jack Keats MosaicsTile mosaic of apartment building in Ezra Jack Keats' style.

Community Art Project

Created as a community project in January 2017, youth and adult volunteers cut and placed glass pieces to create vibrant mosaics. The images reflect favorite scenes from Ezra Jack Keats books, including “Snowy Day” and “Pet Shop.” The apartment building mosaic features a compilation of characters from multiple books. All supplies were generously provided by a grant from the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation.




The Boy Readingtile image of a boy reading a book under a tree

Motawi Tileworks

Donated in honor of his mother Joanne, longtime Motawi Tileworks employee Lester Bates gifted this Cuenca-style tilework to YDL-Michigan in 2006. Measuring 47″x37″ and weighing around 130 pounds, this piece consists of 21 handmade tiles mounted with cement on plywood and framed in dark brown wood. The work is inspired by the Storybook mural produced in 1927 by Gladding, McBean for the Robin Hood room in a public library in California. Motawi Tileworks donated the frame and mounting for our mural.



Sun Square Moonpainting of sun, moon, and planets

Debra Jean-Smith Golden

Whether through image or color, symbolism is a key part of Golden’s works. This work is acrylic on mylar. This piece hangs in the youth department.





Harriet Tubman Statuebronze statue of Harriet Tubman guiding a child

Jane DeDecker

Renowned Colorado sculptor Jane DeDecker’s statue of Harriet Tubman is a feature of library plaza. Tubman’s critical role in leading over 300 slaves to freedom and Ypsilanti’s recognized involvement in the Underground Railroad made this a perfect choice for the park’s centerpiece.