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Plaza Renovation

The renovated Library Park Plaza at YDL-Michigan was dedicated on May 21, 2006. Initiated in 2002 by the YDL Board of Trustees, the park allows library programs to take place outdoors. A special area for children at the back features seating in the shape of books.

Patsy Chandler Fountainphoto of mosaic tile fountain in the library park plaza

Starting in 1956, Ypsilanti resident Patsy Chandler began holding an annual tea party on her birthday to raise funds for worthy local causes. When the library moved to the old post office site in the 1960s, she directed her efforts toward building a fountain near the library, raising funds on her birthday for 8 consecutive years for that purpose. The fountain was built in 1982 and restored and covered in mosaic glass tile in 2006 along with the Library Plaza renovation.





Harriet Tubman Statuebronze statue of Harriet Tubman guiding a child

Renowned Colorado sculptor Jane DeDecker’s statue of Harriet Tubman is a feature of the plaza. Tubman’s critical role in leading over 300 slaves to freedom and Ypsilanti’s recognized involvement in the Underground Railroad made this a perfect choice for the park’s centerpiece.





Historic Marker

A historical marker in the plaza celebrates Elijah McCoy, recognizing his patents that lead to the phrase “the real McCoy.”

The renovation of the park plaza was made possible by the Friends of YDL, the Downtown Development Authority, Pfizer, and a variety of local fund-raising efforts.