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Mobile Hot Spots

About Mobile Hotspots

A mobile Hotspot delivers a strong, fast, and secure online connection on the go.  Mobile Hotspots take an LTE connection and convert it into a WiFi signal that your laptop or smartphone can use to access the Internet.

YDL’s Hotspots are small enough to fit in your pocket, and, with a battery life that can last a full day, they’re great for anybody who needs Internet access temporarily or while traveling.

To see if YDL’s Hotspots will work in your location, visit the coverage map at and type in the location for which you intend to use the Hotspot. You can reserve a hotspot in our catalog.


  • Hold the Power Button for 3 seconds to turn the device on or off.
  • The battery will display either green, yellow, or red.  When the battery life is below 15%, the battery light will flash red.
  • If the battery needs charging, plug the USB cable into the port, and then plug the cord into the adaptor/wall outlet.


To connect your device to the Hotspot, search for available WiFi networks on your personal device or connect the device to your computer’s USB port, and then type in the password.

Each YDL Hotspot is named “YDL_Hotspot_X (number).”  The password and the name of the Hotspot are labeled on the back of the device.

You’re connected!


  • Reserve a Hotspot in our catalog.
  • YDL Hotspots may be checked out for three-weeks.  You may renew the Hotspot ONLY if no one is on the wait list.
  • If you fail to return the Hotspot in a timely manner, the library will disconnect the Hotspot automatically.
  • If you lose the Hotspot, the replacement charge is $125.00.


YDL Hotspots were purchased with CARES Act funding through the Library of Michigan in conjunction with the Institute of Museum and Library Service.  Providing Internet access with federal funds requires YDL to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)( (20 USC 9134 (f)).  For that reason, all Hotspots have a filter built into them to block material that may be deemed harmful to minors.