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Please note: During the library’s COVID-19 closure, the Ypsi Seed Library is unavailable. Once the library locations reopen to the public, the Seed Library will be accessible again. Thank you for your patience.

What is the seed library?
The seed library is a collection of seeds that anyone can take from and contribute to. Participation is open to all interested gardeners. You do not need to have a YDL card in order to borrow or donate seeds. YDL’s Seed Library is located at YDL-Whittaker and YDL-Michigan. It is self-service and available during the library’s hours of operation.

How to contribute:
The seed library depends on your donations to be self-sustaining. You can donate either commercially purchased seeds or ones you’ve saved. Donation envelopes are available at both Ypsi Seed Library locations. Please fill out the information on the envelope (or fill and print the forms below and stick them to blank envelopes).

The Ypsi Seed Library accepts non-hybrid fruit, vegetable, and culinary herb seeds. If you’ve never saved seeds before, now is a great time to learn–please explore the resources below or come to a seed-saving workshop at YDL in the fall.

Fillable PDF (fills all 6 labels at once for multiple seed donations) >>

For more information on how to save seeds, check out these resources: