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Lockers & Self Check

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YDL-Superior offers a unique after-hours pickup option. While the library remains closed due to COVID-19, you may pick up your requested items in a locker outside the front door. When your requests arrive, your items will be checked out to you and you’ll be notified they are in a locker. Please be aware, if the lockers are at capacity when your items arrive, your items will be placed in a queue. Library staff will notify you when your items are in a locker.

When you come to pick your items, you’ll just need to enter the last 7 digits of your library card number, followed by the # sign. The door or doors will open with your items.

Materials placed in a locker will be available for the next 24 hours. If you are unable to retrieve your materials within 24 hours, notify library staff before they are due to expire. Staff can arrange with you for pickup on another day. Expired items are checked in and returned to their original locations.

YDL-Superior staff can be reached at 734-879-1310.


The Whittaker Road and Michigan Avenue libraries have Self-Checkout machines that allow borrowers to check out their own items quickly and easily. Step-by-step instructions are displayed on an easy-to-use touch screen.

Self-Checkout will:

  • Verify your privileges.
  • Check-out all materials, except for Playaway audio books and DVDs in large security cases.
  • Desensitize items.
  • Print or email date due slips.
  • An unlocking device for DVDs & CDs is located next to the Shelf-Checkout machines.