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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Can you help your child listen to 1000 books before they start kindergarten? It’s not as difficult as you think! Reading just one book a day gets you to 365 in a year, which means you’ll be to 1000 in a bit over 3 years. Read several books a day and it might not even take one year!

Yes, reading your child the same book over and over counts–it’s a great way to build reading skills. And if other caregivers are reading aloud to your child, those books count too.

Sign up at any library location, or create your own online account by clicking the button below.

Track your progress on our paper logs or online. Get a sticker for every 100 books you read. When you reach 1000, your little one will be added to our Wall of Fame and get a free t-shirt.

You can download and print our logs to track books you are reading. Or call 734-482-4110 x1340 to reserve a kit you can pick up at any YDL location that includes all 10 logs, a stamp, and stickers.

1000 BBK Log

We hope to keep adding new faces to the Wall of Fame!