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This is part of a series of updates about the new YDL library that will be constructed on North Harris Road in Superior Township. Find more information and updates about the project at

What are the latest developments?
  • The property is in the process of being rezoned from Agricultural use to Public/Semi-Public use. The Superior Township Board had the first of two readings in March. The Board will make its final decision at the April 15 meeting.
  • The Library and its consultant, Brian Barrick, are in conversation with the Washtenaw County Road Commission regarding the placement of the driveway from the proposed library to Harris Rd. The Library has authorized a left lane warrant analysis and a speed study to determine feasibility of the proposed driveway and building location. This has resulted in a delay in the project.
  • Daniels & Zermack, the library’s architect, is working with O’Neal Construction to further develop the budget estimate.
  • Daniels & Zermack has been working on changes to the design as a result of public input.


How do I give input?

Online comments were accepted and feedback sessions were held in January. During this time, patrons reviewed the concept plans and offered comments. Our staff and architects are considering these comments and the revised plans will be posted when they are available.

If you have questions or feedback about the new library, please contact Library Director Lisa Hoenig at 734-879-1300 or


What’s next?

We are awaiting the results of the left lane warrant analysis and speed study. Once those are completed, the Library will work with the Washtenaw County Road Commission to finalize plans for the driveway location. After that, you will start to see construction equipment on the site. A bulldozer will clear some areas of the site so G2 Consulting Group can take soil borings in multiple locations.