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STEM kits include high-tech toys and hands-on experiments that kids and families can check out or request from any Ypsilanti library. Kits have different themes, from robotics to magnetism, and each one explores science, technology, engineering, or math concepts.

Six new STEM kits released this summer encourage everyone to get outside! Complete with equipment, field guides, and ideas for field work, these kits will help you make the most of your outdoor excursions, whether you’re going on a big trip or exploring a local park. Each outdoor kit has a field journal where families can record their findings to share with others who check out the kit. New kits include:   


Telescope, astronomy lab activity book, and constellation guides. 

Bird Watching:

Binoculars, bird guides, bird song recordings, and local trail maps.  

Bug Watching:

Magnifiers, flashlight, insect and butterfly guides, and insect catching kit.  

Rock Science:

Rock mining and sifting tools, rock and mineral guides, magnifying glass, and rocks to help you learn to identify and classify.  

Outdoor Exploration:

Hiking, tree identification, and wildlife guides, binoculars, local trail maps, and a compass.  

River Science:

Water collection tools and containers, magnifying glass, and water invertebrates guide book, assembled with help from local biologist Maria Goodrich.

STEM Kits were funded in part by a Strengthening Communities Through Libraries grant from the Association for Library Service to Children, a branch of the American Library Association. The grant also supported classroom sets of technology which will be used at library programs, as well as at community events like Bright Futures after-school programs and the Farmers Market. To invite YDL to bring a STEM workshop to your organization, contact Mary Garboden,