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Interest: Sustainable Living

Kids at the Table: Food Justice

Published: February 19, 2021

This week at Garden-to-Table, learn all about food justice!


Food Justice For Kids

Read a book about food justice, then find activities and learn more on our webpage all about food justice and food justice activists.


Published: October 28, 2020

PUMPKINS–THE ORANGE ICON OF FALL Pumpkins were one of the earliest cultivated foods of the Americas. Over 9,000 years ago the indigenous peoples of North America were growing pumpkins in Oaxaca, Mexico. Pumpkins spread north to the eastern region of the United States by 2700 BCE, where they were grown by the Pueblo tribes of the southwestern United States, as well as the Apaches, Hopi, Navajo, Havasupai, Papago, Pima and Yuman tribes. The pumpkin’s thick orange flesh was a staple food source for thousands of years, and the seeds can be eaten too. The Tohono O’Odham people ground pumpkin seeds …


Seed Saving

Published: September 19, 2020

This week at Garden-to-Table, learn how to save seeds!



Year round garden activities


Chicks and Salsa

Published: August 13, 2020

This week at Garden-to-Table, learn about chickens, hear Sarah from Healthy Habits Start Now read Chicks and Salsa, then make salsa!


Natural Dyes

Published: August 8, 2020

This week at Garden-to-Table, learn about plant pigments and what you can do with them.


Ypsi Farm and Garden Tour

Published: August 1, 2020

Take a virtual tour of a few of Ypsi’s farms and educational gardens to see who’s growing local food!


Animal Life in Your Backyard

Published: July 24, 2020



Published: July 17, 2020

Learn where to forage, what to forage for in each season, and how to make wild raspberry jam at this session of Garden-to-Table.


Resprouting Vegetables

Published: July 10, 2020

This week at Garden-to-Table, learn all about resprouting vegetables!


Bees and Pollination

Published: June 26, 2020

This week at Garden-to-Table, learn all about composting!



Published: June 19, 2020

This week at Garden-to-Table, learn all about composting!


Seeds and Seedlings

Published: June 12, 2020

Learn about all seeds with Molly at this week’s Garden-to-Table, then make seed art!


Teen Summer Jobs at Growing Hope!

Published: May 19, 2020

If you’re ages 14-18 and looking for a chance to earn a little extra money this summer in a fun, outdoor environment, then you should think about applying for a Growing Hope Summer Teen Internship! Apply by May 29th for the opportunity to earn $10/hour (up to 24 hours per week),  while learning gardening and nutrition concepts and gaining an understanding of food justice work during this 8 week program. Click HERE to learn more about the Growing Hope Teen Leadership Program or APPLY FOR THE JOB HERE… and good luck!   Learn more


Image of a mandala. A series of sticks and green leaves around another ring of flowers in the center.
Nature Mandalas

Published: May 8, 2020

For today’s garden-to-table adventure we are going to take advantage of the nice weather and go outside to look for mandalas, then gather supplies and make your own!


Plant Potatoes

Published: May 8, 2020

Welcome to our new virtual Garden-to-Table series! Many thanks to TC Collins from Willow Run Acres for helping us kickoff the series.


Growing Hope’s Sustainable Response to Covid-19

Published: April 8, 2020

Growing Hope is using their farm and resources to provide emergency food and support. Check out this post from their website for some of the ways they are responding and adapting to the needs of our community. It’s a great time to sign up for a virtual class!


Earth Day Rally

Published: March 4, 2020

A multitude of environmental issues stem from climate change… food and water scarcity, melting glaciers, wildlife species extinction, coastal flooding, fire crises, and more. These instill a sense of fear and hopelessness in today’s youth who worry about the future of our planet. But climate change is the result of human activity, solutions are feasible, and we can change! The Teen Advisory Group at the Ypsilanti District Library has decided to act. We are calling youth to come together to spread awareness and inspire EVERYONE to find ways to conserve at, at school, at work… EVERYWHERE! Join us at an …


Senior Health Counseling
The News About Our Health

Published: January 31, 2020

Stay informed on the latest updates on maintaining both physical and mental health in Washtenaw County.