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Ypsilanti Public Service Announcements Covid-19 made by and for Ypsilanti area citizens.  Hear what’s happening regarding Covid-19 from people you may know.

Racial toll of virus grows even starker as more data ermerges APNews from Friday, April 17.

Washtenaw County Covid-19 cases in the county are broken down by zip codes, age, and race making it clear that African Americans are disproportionately represented and the 48197/48198 zip codes have the highest number of the cases in this county.

Michigan Covid-19 Case Data breakdown by county, age, sex, race and ethniciity.

Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order Creating the Michigan Coronavirus Task Force on Racial Disparities 

Why Racial and Ethnic Data on COVID-19’s Impact is Badly Needed by Chief Health Equity Officer and Vice President of the American Medical Association

Health Matters – Coronavirus: a Matter of Health and Economics – Article

Health issues for blacks, Latinos and Native Americans may cause coronavirus to ravage communities (USA Today) – Article

Council on Black Health: Coronavirus Update  Corrects misinformation and provides video links and other informational resources.

Ten Equity Implications of the Coronavirus Covid-19 Outbreak in the United States 16 page report from the NAACP..

NAACP Coronavirus (Covid-19) Resources includes Covid-19 Unmasked Virtual Town Hall Series , also sponsored by United Way and shown on BET.