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Health Insurance Marketplace: Hands-On Help Available

Published: November 8, 2018

The Health Insurance Marketplace is open for enrollment through December 15, 2018. Staff from the Washtenaw Health Plan can help you find the right plan and apply.


HealthSource: Consumer Edition

HealthSource: Consumer Edition is a database that contains consumer health magazines.

Consumer Health Complete

Consumer Health Complete is a database that contains medical encyclopedias, books, and magazine articles.

Alt HealthWatch

Alt HealthWatch is a database that uses complementary, holistic, integrated approaches.

Breeda Miller
The Caregiver Coffeebreak: Q & A with Breeda Miller

Published: July 8, 2018

Caregivers face many challenges and Breeda Miller knows how that feels.  In her new book, “The Caregiver Coffeebreak- Take a Break Before You Break”, Breeda provides a soft spot for caregivers dealing with the frustration, exhaustion, and isolation of being a caregiver.  Noted for her work supporting those in the “Sandwich Generation”, she addresses the needs of those caring for elderly, frail parents and children still at home. Breeda answered some questions as a preview to her program at the Whittaker Branch on Thursday, July 26th at 7pm. Q: What inspired you to become an author? A:  I wrote the …


Finding health information on the internet

Published: March 27, 2018

Finding reliable information on the internet can be challenging, but it’s particularly important when it comes to health and medical topics.


Finding health and medical information at the library

Published: March 21, 2018

Books on medical conditions, weight loss, and exercise are some of the most popular titles checked out at YDL.


corner health center sign
Healthcare, education, and more at the Corner Health Center

Published: February 2, 2018

Corner Health Center is a full-service clinic that also offers health education and services to young parents.


GMM book cover
How graphic novels are helping doctors and patients

Published: February 2, 2018

“Something remarkable and game changing is being sparked in the alliance between comics and medicine. It’s becoming clear that these graphic narratives can deepen understanding, not only of facts but of feelings, between patients, family, and professionals. A spoonful of comics really does help the medicine go down.”   – Paul Gravett, author of Comics Art and the editor of 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die Graphic Medicine is the use of comics in medical education and patient care. Graphic novels related to illness, aging, and other difficult topics are emerging as a robust and widely varied sub-genre of …


medline plus logo
Medline Plus

Extensive and up-to-date information about diseases, conditions, drugs, and clinical trials. Appropriate for patients, families, and doctors.