For today’s garden-to-table adventure we are going to take advantage of the nice weather and go outside to look for mandalas, then gather supplies and make your own!
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What is a mandala?

A mandala is an ancient Sanskrit word for circle. It’s a geometric design that represents the universe. It has no beginning or end. The circle symbol is sacred in many cultures and religions around the world. Mandalas can be found in many places in nature. Every cell in our body is a living mandala. So are the irises of our eyes, flowers, snowflakes, tree rings, and seashells. Mandalas typically start with a single object in the middle and radiate from there. Look around you and see if you can spot one. Even bicycle wheels are mandalas!

Hunt for mandalas and natural objects to build a mandala

For today’s garden-to-table adventure, let’s go outside to look for mandalas. After watching Molly explore her yard for mandalas and mandala building supplies, you can hunt for natural materials to make our own mandala design. When you’ve gathered what you need, you’ll layout the materials into a unique design. Take a photo if you can, then watch it disappear. Nature mandalas are ephemeral, a word that means temporary or lasting for a short time.




Color a mandala

Mandalas are super fun to color too, and it’s relaxing. Try this site for coloring pages you can print or color online.  

And there’s more!

There are two books available through Hoopla where you can spend endless hours creating your own mandalas:

  • Zen Mandalas  
  • Mandala For the Inspired Artist

Did you get a good photo of your mandala before it disappeared? Want to share your beautiful nature art? Use our #ypsilibrary hashtag on Instagram or send it to and we’ll add it to a collage of Ypsi mandalas we’ll share on social media.