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Our online tinkering and sensory programs give you open-ended activities you can do at home that allow your little one to learn new concepts and develop their creative side through exploration and play.

Parents watch a quick video, with or without your child, then gather the supplies and let your little one explore and create. Reserve supply kits by clicking the button.


FEBRUARY 26: ANIMAL TRACKS Play a tracks matching game and make tracks in DIY play dough.

MARCH 26: SEWING AND LACING Practice fine motor skills that are important for learning to write.

APRIL 23: SIGNS OF SPRING Go outside to see what’s happening as nature awakes from winter.



Playing with magnets can seem magical until we learn about the science behind them. Using a magnet, or magnet wand, to lift and hold magnetic objects is a fun and easy way to learn about the physical phenomena of magnetism. Pick up a supply kit, then join Psyche to learn more!