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Hear chapter three read aloud, then talk, write, draw, and think about the story.



Pia talks about Shanti. Listen to learn who Shanti is and what happened to her.

Want to sketch while you listen? Design your own skateboard. Start with a long thin oval, add colors and patterns, give it a name!


Pia often thinks about the special times she had with Shanti. Maybe even the times they would have had if her sister was still living. Can you imagine a taking a special trip with someone that would be memorable even if they were no longer part of your life? Watch the prompt, then write.


What did you learn about Marcus that might make you more understanding about his life and why he bullies Stevie?


Pia, Stevie, and Marcus are all keeping secrets. What are their secrets? What decisions do they make, as the result of these secrets? Do you think that Stevie made the right decision when he tells his mother about being bullied?

Think about a time in your life when you made a decision–big or small, right or wrong. Was it a decision to act? To stay silent? What were the results of this decision?

Write a story or poem that begins with the word “Maybe if…” This can be a true story or an imagined one, but focus on the words “maybe if” and the consequences of that maybe. How can one decision change a whole story?

If you can’t think of a “Maybe if…” here are a few prompts you could start with. 

  • Maybe if I hadn’t missed the bus that morning…
  • Maybe if the rain had stopped…
  • Maybe if the aliens had let me drive the spaceship….
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Stevie goes along with a plan he knows is wrong in the hopes of stopping other boys from bullying him. What are other ways he could have stopped the bullying? How do you think he felt when he finally talked to his mom about it? What choices would you make in the same situation? Get ideas by clicking the button below.

The Look Both Ways Ypsi Family Read is presented in partnership with the Beta Eta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha and the Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha.