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This is part of a series of updates about the new YDL library being constructed on North Harris Road in Superior Township. Find more information and updates at

YDL received word of two grant awards for specific features of the building. The Humane Society of the United States awarded YDL a $2,000 grant toward bird-friendly glass. The Children’s Foundation awarded the library $23,100 toward the new library’s kitchenette, making the free summer lunch program possible. To see the latest on the capital campaign, visit,



The construction team continues to make visible progress on the new library. The steel structure is in place. The installation of exterior studwalls is underway and roof trusses will arrive in the next few weeks. Curbs have been installed, defining parking and drive areas. The sanitary sewer line has been connected to the County drain. The easement area leading from the library property to the drain is now complete.

As construction continues, a team of YDL staff has started the process of selecting materials for the library’s Opening Day Collection. A fresh and exciting collection will await when the library opens its doors in 2022!

If you have questions or feedback about the new library, please contact Library Director Lisa Hoenig at 734-879-1300 or