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A recent Book Riot article dug in to what books people around the country are reading the most–and you can find almost all of them at YDL!

All the most popular national fiction titles and the ten most-requested fiction titles in the Great Lakes and Midwest regions are in the YDL catalog.

We also carry almost all of the most popular National and Regional non-fiction titles, and eight out of the ten Great Lakes region winners.

Find them as audiobooks, ebooks, hard copies, or all three! Check YDL’s catalog for availability, as these titles are being reserved quickly.

See something we don’t have that you want us to carry? Use our Materials Suggestion Form to let us know.

Some of the popular titles on the list:

The Atlas Six is tied for the most in-demand fictional book in the U.S. It’s the 5th most requested title in the Great Lakes region, and the 7th most popular in the Midwest.

Finlay Donovan Is Killing It is tied for the 3rd most in-demand book nationally. It is also the most popular adult fiction book in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

The Way of Integrity is tied for the most in-demand nonfiction book in the U.S. It’s the most sought-after nonfiction title in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. 

The Comfort Book is the 3rd most popular nonfiction title nationally, and is ranked in the top 10 most requested books of the Midwest and Great Lakes domains.