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On Friday, July 29, Angela from the Washtenaw County Water Resource Commissioner’s Office hosted a composting activity at YDL-Whittaker. People learned about composting and created their own compost mix in reused 2 liter bottles. After that, children completed a compost sorting activity with a mix of landfill, recyclable, and compostable items. There was also a worksheet on what belongs in a compost container and a coloring activity available. At the end, everyone was able to add contents to the newly installed compost container outside. This consisted of composted “greens” from meet up and eat up lunches, along with “browns” brought by Angela and found in the nearby forest and gardens.

The compost bin can be found around the corner from the pollinator garden. The weather was hot with a chance of thunderstorms. With the exception of the last 10 minutes taking place outside, this was primarily an indoor activity. Around 10-15 people were in attendance. See what’s happening each week on the events calendar!