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Fund your YDL Passion Project

Support the library programs or resources you love

You can make a general contribution to YDL, or your donation can fund a specific need.  Read more about project options here, and choose your favorite from the drop-down list on the donate page.

Talk to us about your gift:

Lisa Hoenig, Director
(734) 879-1300

New Superior Library construction

We’re building a brand new library in Superior, and we want YOU to have all of the bells and whistles when we open. Visit the new branch support page to see the plans and how you can help.

Help YDL Prepare for Reopening

To welcome patrons back to the library safely, YDL is installing air purification systems at Whittaker Road and Michigan Avenue. Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization Systems (NPBI) work to safely clean indoor air and surfaces by releasing high concentrations of ions into the air stream through ventilation systems. This process deactivates harmful substances like airborne mold, bacteria, allergens, and viruses. Please watch the fascinating 3-minute video on the technology on this page, or visit our post with details on NPBI’s effectiveness with the virus that causes Covid-19.

Installation of NPBI at YDL-Whittaker and Michigan Avenue will add an additional layer of confidence that we can all return to the libraries we love and stay safe.  Members of our community have already donated more than $27,000 towards the $70,000 cost, including $12,000 from the Ypsilanti Area Community Fund to cover the installation at Michigan Avenue! With your help, we can be a big step closer to reopening our libraries. Your support helps everyone in the Ypsilanti area learn, grow, and thrive.

Michigan Avenue Library improvements

Is the Michigan Avenue location your home away from home? Your donation funds future improvements and renovations to keep it in top shape.

Whittaker Road Library improvements

Do you love cozying up to the fireplace or playing in the children’s area at Whittaker? Your donations fund future layout improvements and resource expansion.


Help us with future repairs and maintenance to keep the Bookmobile out in our schools and neighborhoods.

Youth Services

Your donation supports storytimes and bring other great youth programs to all YDL branches.

Learning Never Gets Old (LNGO)

Help fund large print collections, home delivery, special programs, and more to support adults ages 55 and up. 

Meeting Room technology

Make our meeting spaces state of the art by funding projectors, interactive whiteboards, and other collaborative tools to use when you reserve a room.

eBooks and Databases

Help students, job seekers, do-it-yourselfers, and genealogy researchers find what they need to research their school or home project, shape their career path, and find their roots. Your donation can help maintain and expand our subscription lists on our digital resource and research pages.