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Teens Believe in Self Care

February’s teen subscription packs focus on self-care because our Teen Advisory Group (TAG) members believe that taking time to celebrate YOU is especially important! Self-care promotes positive mental and physical health and can be incorporated into your daily routine in a variety of ways. Our TAG teens have come up with some self-care ideas that are low budget and easily accessible for any teen to achieve in their life. From DIY face masks to meditation to exercise…it’s time for you to take some much needed “ME TIME”!

February’s Teen Subscription pack is featuring the The Poet X by Elizebeth Acevedo on Hoopla!  You can download it as an ebook or eaudiobook!

Whether you read it and wanted to read other similar books, or you’re interested in self-care but would rather read a graphic novel, check out TAG’s read-alike book list for ideas. 

See something you want to read? Make a request for curbside pickup, or choose the eBook!

  1. Listen to music, read a book or binge watch your favorite show.
  2. Get outside for some fresh air.
  3. Try to meditate or take five minutes to practice some deep breathing.
  4. Get active with yoga or some exercise like a walk or jog outdoors.
  5. Try journaling or writing down your thoughts.
  6. Do something you love- whether it be cooking, sleeping or talking with a friend.
  7. Disconnect– from your phone, social media and the internet for a few hours to get some space.
  8. Engage in some self-love activities- paint your nails, do a face mask or have a warm cup of tea.
  9. Stay hydrated and drink water!
  10. Give yourself permission to prioritze self-care every day

If you’re struggling with making time to de-stress and prioritize self-care…try some tips compiled by TAG members to help give you ideas on steps you can take to focus on improving your mental health!

Tips compiled by Teen Advisory Group


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