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At YDL, we’re proud to highlight the accomplishments and cultural identity of African Americans year round with family reading lists, seasonal programs like African American Genealogy, and an oral history database featuring local African American voices. 

This year, we have new virtual programs and resources to educate on the legacy of African Americans. Here is a list of ways you can celebrate Black History Month this February: 


kid readingRead from Diverse Lists 

Our staff put together a collection of books written by and featuring African Americans from all walks of life. Children and parents can read picture books featuring black culture, young activists, or empowering stories. We also have a collection of YA novels featuring diverse lead characters and titles representing the #OwnVoices Movement. And Youth Staff will be reading aloud from books by contemporary Black authors at every virtual storytime this month!

Want even more? The New York Public Library has a list of contemporary works with something suitable for all ages.


Tour our Virtual Exhibit

Explore the hardships and victories of civil rights era America through virtual exhibits. Virtual exhibits provide the visual and auditory experience of the museum without having to leave the house! 

Tour the visual narrative of America’s fight for racial equality from the late 1940s to the 1970s, with the NEH For All the World to See exhibit. The exhibit also has engaging activities and a reading list that accompany the visual tour. Email to request an activity kit or for questions about the exhibit.

In addition to the For All the World to See tour, the Library of Congress has an in-depth online exhibit of Rosa Parks and her activism that led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.


racismHave Open Conversations on Race

In response to our current political climate, YDL librarians and staff have created a page that pulls together resources on race relations.  

We’ve created lists of books, movies, and activities for all ages to help elevate the conversation and promote learning. Have any suggestions, questions, or concerns? Feel free to contact us.