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If you haven’t attended a storytime at the new Superior Branch of the Ypsilanti District Library yet, you’re missing the chance to bring home a free book!

Thanks to a grant of more than $5,000 from the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor, storytimes through the spring at the Superior Branch have tables full of books that you can choose from to take home. Coupled with an $18,000 grant that the Ypsilanti District Library received from the Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation to help develop partnerships and expand programming for children and families, storytimes at the new branch are off with a bang.

“Parents are surprised and delighted whenever they find out that the book giveaway exists,” said Youth Librarian Liz Getty. “It goes a long way toward making our storytimes feel special as we launch them here.”

The new facility has already seen an uptick in storytimes and attendance, with a large program room and kitchenette available. The new supplies and materials, such as shakers, sensory toys, and gross motor skill play equipment allow for a variety of storytimes covering different ages throughout the week.

“Many of our patrons are new to story times,” said Youth Librarian Nicole Russell. “The added opportunity for participants to begin to build a personal home library … helps people feel cared for, included, and respected.”

Spring storytimes at the Superior branch run from March 21 to May 9, with different activities and age groups throughout the week: